Need help with a urinary tract infection?

Not sure if you have a urinary tract infection? Have other questions but don't want to go to a doctor's office? Chat with a Galileo doctor today about your symptoms - today.

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Download our app.

Sign up and select the membership option that fits best with your life. We’ll then ask a few questions so our doctors can get to know you.

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Connect with our team of medical experts.

From prescription renewals to medical mysteries to chronic care management, our Galileo team of doctors is available to care for your needs, whether small or large.

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Receive comprehensive care.

Galileo offers thoughtful care options that take into account your personal preferences. We can order prescriptions and labs, and if necessary can also refer you to expert doctors in your neighborhood or nationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here with answers.

Is Galileo covered by insurance?

We do not bill your insurance company, so there are never any co-pays or unexpected charges. If you need prescriptions, lab testing, or referrals we work within your insurance network to provide cost-effective options.

Does this replace my primary care doctor?

Galileo works within your existing provider relationships. With your permission, we’ll aggregate medical records from doctors you’ve seen in the past so we have a comprehensive view of your health.

Welcome to the future of health, with you at the center.