Questions about Thyroid?

Skip searching and get all your questions around Thyroid answered by a real doctor. If necessary, we'll develop a personalized, comprehensive care plan based on your needs.


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From prescription renewals to medical mysteries to chronic care management, our Galileo team of doctors is available to care for your needs, whether small or large.


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We’re not confined to the exam room. And neither are you. This means you can access our care and expertise wherever you are, whenever you need it, 24/7.


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Galileo offers thoughtful care options that take into account your personal preferences. We don’t just sign off after a consult. We always check back in to make sure that things are progressing well and to answer any further questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Galileo covered by insurance?

We do not bill your insurance company, so there are never any co-pays or unexpected charges. If you need prescriptions, lab testing, or referrals we work within your insurance network to provide cost-effective options.

Does this replace my primary care doctor?

Galileo works within your existing provider relationships. With your permission, we’ll aggregate medical records from doctors you’ve seen in the past so we have a comprehensive view of your health.

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